Data Migration Testing

Data Migration and TransformationIt’s all about data. Fancy portals, modern systems, and cutting-edge solutions may be the selling points but unless they are based on accurate data they are of minimal business value.

At Informatech we use a different approach to Data Migration Testing. We capture values directly from the source and target databases before and after migration to eliminate any errors in current queries from websites/portals that may affect accuracy . Then we utilise custom automation using PowerShell and SQL to compare data in multiple vectors. By doing this we eliminate many of the errors associated with manual checks and we can achieve 100% test coverage with significantly less effort than other models. In addition to this we have found that this approach identifies more defects than other test methods as output metadata can be stored and analysed to identify Defect Clusters which are a trigger for further investigation and almost always yield more Defects.

Some of the specific services that we offer to ensure your business data is operating at maximum efficiency include:

  • Verifying the accuracy of data in your existing database before it is migrated to eliminate corrupt data
  • Analysing the database schema to identify logical flaws or potential changes that could simplify queries
  • Analysing entity attributes to identify areas that could improve data retrieval times
  • Checking referential and entity integrity to identify and rectify orphan records
  • Implement expert SQL queries that can span multiple tables, with nested queries to interrogate even the most complex databases