Data Centre Verification

Data Center VerificationEnterprise Data Centres represent one of the largest expenditures for most organisations: yet many Data Centres are not tested to a sufficient standard. Subsequent hardware faults and unplanned outages can impact operational reliability for mission critical applications.

One of the founding principles of Informatech is building quality in to systems from the ground up. In keeping with this principle, Data Centre Validation is a cornerstone of our business. To ensure Enterprise Data Centres are operating at maximum efficiency we offer comprehensive Data Centre Verification services spanning:

  • Network Infrastructure including Switches, Firewalls, Gateways, and WAN Accelerators
  • Compute Infrastructure including Servers, Server Enclosures, Management Modules and Local Storage
  • Highly-Available (HA) components such as Teamed Network Adapters and Clustered Servers
  • Standard Operating Procedures such as Start-Up and Shut-Down Documents
  • Synthetic Load testing to quantify the performance of the system under simulated loads
  • Stress Testing to assess the impact of chaotic events such as Air Conditioning failures and Network Link interruptions