Non-Functional Testing

Non-functional testingNon-functional testing can often be challenging and difficult to quantify when compared to functional testing. However, when performed properly it has distinct benefits to organisations in terms of being able to; maintain correct system operation, simplify support and maintainability, and understand what platforms the system can and cannot operate on.

Our specialist testers can program in multiple languages, have experience with many change management models, and have sound understanding of ICT Infrastructure. This combination allows us to verify the following non-functional aspects:

  • Reliability (Fault Tolerance and Recoverability)
  • Performance (Load, Stress and Time Based Performance)
  • Maintainability (Changeability, Stability and Testability)
  • Portability (Installability, Compatibility, and Replaceability)
  • Resource Utilisation (Processor, Memory, Disk, and Network)