Test Process Improvement

Test Process ImprovementOften organisations grow organically with processes and functions being driven by need; such as the need to verify systems before they are released to end users. While this will often achieve a moderately successful result it very rarely does so in an effective or efficient manner. Not only do we tell you how to improve your testing practices, we tell you why you should in a quantifiable manner that you can use to gain support from senior executives.

Test Process Improvement is designed to improve testing maturity in your organisation by:

  • Raising Awareness
  • Analysing current testing practices
  • Identifying areas that can be improved
  • Establishing an Action Plan
  • Implementing the Action Plan
  • Re-assessing the practices and evaluating how successful the improvements were

We have experience in a number of Test Process Improvement Models and can select and tailor the appropriate model based on your organisational needs. Some of the models we currently offer services for are:

  • TPI Next
  • TMMi